SIA MIRAS INVEST is a company founded in Latvia with a goal to develope the project at the Sea. We are entrants to the Latvian market, but with great experience in developing new projects in other European countries, such as the Netherlands, Lithuania, Slovakia and Estonia. In European markets our main activities are - 1) property development - developing real estate projects in the housing and commercial sectors; 2) management services - providing managerial, secretarial, and administrative support for real estate projects and property funds; 3) and real estate consulting - providing advice with regard to tactical aspects of real estate, real estate developments, and real estate investments.  All these skills and knowledges are useful in everyday dealing with property purchasing anywhere in the world.

A couple of years ago an idea was raised about a project at the Baltic Sea in Latvia, which has now been established in a place called - Jūras ciems.

Why exactly that name? Because we're very close to the Sea. Just 500 meters to the coast, and you can fully enjoy the sun and the Sea!

Jūras ciems is a place for the soul and rest. Nature, forest, sea, birdsongs, running deers and roebucks are what gives this place  an added value. To come out of the big city on weekends and take a break from everything else. To go fishing, or in the woods to look for some mushrooms, or simply lie down in a stitchedchair and listen to the sounds of nature. All of this is invaluable and healing. All this is here in Jūras ciems!

You are welcome here to have a look! We will show you and help you to find your new home!